The plastic pandemic knows no borders. Neither does Terratico.

Plastic bags from Asia have created a floating island in the Pacific Ocean the size of France, Germany, and Italy combined. Plastic bottles from America are found in the stomachs of cod fish which are sold around the world. Is anybody out there still claiming that the plastic pandemic does not affect them?

The world as a mosaic of ideas

Terratico uses local plastic waste in different parts of the world. The waste thus serves as a filler in the concrete of new buildings or playgrounds. Thanks to this, the world is becoming a colorful mosaic of inspiring projects. Have a look at where Terratico has already changed the landscape. 


Anything you can imagine!

TERRATICO™ is a new bridge built from concrete incorporating plastic waste found in the river that flows under it

TERRATICO™ is a city planner which builds a recycling program that will contribute to the building of the new city hall

TERRATICO™ is a new residential block made from walls tightly held together by plastic from the nearby landfill

TERRATICO™ is a Fortune 500 company that involves communities in new building projects while at the same time exceeding their LEED targets while using local plastics

Kaufland builds ping-pong tables from Terratico™

Kaufland Slovakia has brought their K Parks – sports recreation areas – to seven Slovak cities. Allowing city-dwellers to play ping-pong in the fresh air, the parks have been equipped with outdoor tables made of Terratico™. We used tons of plastic bottles in the new tables, resistant to water and rain.

Terratico™ now used in DNA Beauty salons

Helping to prove the aesthetic qualities of Terratico™, the material has now become popular in beauty salons. New Terratico™ counters round out the décor inside the exclusive beauty salon DNA Beauty at Bratislava’s Eurovea on the banks of the Danube. Plastic river waste has thus been given a second chance. turns plastic cards into recycled benches

This modern bank has introduced waste-free digital payment cards. How did they get rid of the thousands of old plastic cards? In style. At Terratico™, we have transformed them into beautiful carbon-neutral benches. We may not have changed the whole world, but one city is a good start .


Synovi v rodinnej firme sa nechcelo rezať betón

Našiel spôsob, ako premeniť plastový odpad na terazzo.
Ottó Nagy starší a jeho rodinná stavebná firma Lilla z Horného Baru pri Dunajskej Strede majú pozoruhodný vynález – stavebný materiál vzhľadom pripomínajúci terazzo.

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